All about Executive…


Back home and on the road.

After a long, long time Corolla is finally at home and back on the road. The clutch has been refitted and we can say bye bye to that awful judder. 🙂 The paintwork has also been started. However we’re still a long long way from finishing. But I now have bit more time to spare for it and I’m sure in no time it will be looking lush! 🙂


The bigger the better…

Although this usually applies to brakes, I’m actually talking about a set of wheels. Currently Rolla had the original 13inch multispoke alloys. However I have invested in some crazy pink 15inch wheels. They are a set of Team Dynamics- Monza R in rarely available original pink, colour.

New Year- Fresh Start

So the guy who did my MOT and offered to get the parts I needed turned out to be complete nonsense! So I politely thanked him for his excellent services and decided to take matters in my own hands! Avoid Autotechnix in Felixstowe, Suffolk! Now since the shocks seem fine to me, I decided to change the steering rack gaiter and go back to my old garage for an MOT and see what they say! Fingers crossed it does well! 🙂

Still no parts…

So there appear to be no parts yet and my re-MOT is in few days. Not good!

MOT- Fail

Exec had it’s MOT today, and it didn’t do as well as one could have hoped for. It failed on steering rack gaiter which is understandable, and rear shocks, which has come out of the blue! Now I’ve ordered the parts and hopefully they should be here soon, so they can be fitted and the Exec can fly through it’s MOT like it used to!

All mounted up!

Finally after a long long wait , I have managed to get my hands on a an engine mount. Even though it had to come all the way from the States! And typically the bolt holes didn’t even line up! 😀 It just never ever goes the way you want it does it!? Anyway, after a little fiddle we have now fitted the mount and I’m sad to say that it hasn’t resolved the clutch judder, but hopefully it just needs to wear in! 🙂

We have a new clutch!!! :)

So although quite expensive, but most definitely well worth it, we now have a new clutch that has been fitted over the weekend. Except in the process an engine mount has been destroyed and I’m currently on a search for a new one, and let me tell you these things aren’t the easiest bits to find!!!